You’ve Never Seen A Bro Do Smoke Tricks Like This, Seriously, Let’s Enter Him In The Olympics Of Vaping

You wanna know how to properly live the vape life? This is how you live the vape life. Owning your own vape shop so you can do sweet vape tricks whenever you want, training for the vape Olympics and shit.

Tell me this dude isn’t on some next-level wizardry tip…

And before you go on a big, “THIS IS TOTALLY FAKE!” tangent, I’ll tell you there’s no way. 100% real. Wanna know why? Because if this was fake, whoever did the editing would be working for a production house rolling out Oscar noms year after year, not wasting their talents on promoting a vape shop. There has to be competitions for this, right? I need to go. If there isn’t, we need to sponsor one ASAP.

You get a smoke ring, you gets a smoke right, YOU GET A SMOKE RING!!!

Marvelous stuff, vape Bro.

[via Ganga Gents]