First Vape User Diagnosed With Incurable ‘Cobalt Lung’ From E-Cigarettes, Usually Only Found In Metal Workers

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18-Year-Old With ‘Lungs Of 70-Year-Old’ Sues Juul For Deceptively Advertising E-Cigarettes And Causing Vaping-Related Sickness

CDC Report Says A Rare Form Of Pneumonia Is Among The Almost 500 Vaping-Related Lung Illnesses In The U.S.

The Trump Administration Is Officially Moving Forward With A Propsed Ban On Flavored Vaping Products

Vaping-Linked Death Toll Reaches 5, Nearly 500 Sick From Lung Illness Associated With E-Cigarettes

First Death Linked To Vaping Reported By The CDC

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Florida Man Banned From Spirit Airlines For Smuggling Alcohol On Flight And Vaping That Caused Plane To Drop 35,000 Feet

Vape Pen Explodes On Plane And Cancels Flight

The FDA Raided The Offices Of JUUL, Seizing ‘Thousands’ Of Documents About How It’s Marketed

STUDY: Daily Vapers Twice As Likely To Suffer Heart Attack, If You Smoke Cigarettes And Vape It’s Way Worse

Regulators Eye Juul; Nike’s Converse Names New CMO; US Treasury Yields

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