Two Men Have E-Cigs EXPLODE And One Guy Nearly Has His Pleasure Rod Blown To Bits

by 1 year ago

E-cigarettes explosions are now happening on the regular. There were at least two documented cases last month, here and here. There were two more incidents of e-cigs blowinig up this week.

The latest victim of an e-cig blast is a poor fucking bloke in Britain. A CCTV camera in a shopping center in Leeds caught the moment that an e-cig burst into flames. The e-cigarette AKA the the Samsung Note 7 of vaping blows up and caused minor burns.

“This footage clearly shows the dangers of storing batteries alongside any metal objects, be it keys, coins, or even your phone if it has a metal case,” Jamie Lister, Fire investigator, said. “This is not the first time we have seen injuries caused by a lithium-ion battery exploding whilst being carried in someone’s pocket. We really want the public to understand the risks which can be easily avoided. There does not need to be a fault with the battery, the problem is the incorrect storage of the batteries.”

While doing research for this e-cigarette explosion, I stumbled into another poor fuck who had an e-cig blow up in his pants pocket. This incident happened on a bus in Fresno, California on Wednesday. This unfortunate vaper was taken to the hospital with minor burns to his hand and thigh. This guy nearly had his custard canon blown off.

May want to not store your e-cig in your pantaloons if your want to retain your pork sword.



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