Security Camera Catches The Terrifying Moment E-Cig Explodes In A Man’s Pocket, Giving Him Second-Degree Burns

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People who vape make it so easy for people who don’t vape to make fun of them. Besides the fedoras that make them look like hipster chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins, there’s the cringe-worthy conversations about their favorite juices and vape devices. There’s also the smugness of proclaiming it’s “better for you than cigarettes” and the monster clouds that you have to walk through if you’re walking behind someone casually vaping on the sidewalk.

This vaper’s experience outside a club in Europe makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 explosions look tame. There’s a reason these things are banned on planes and it’s exactly because of experiences like this with e-cigs. Here’s what the vape-victim had to say to The Daily Mail:

“All of a sudden I heard a loud bang and a noise like a flare had gone off, only 10 times louder… after the shock of the explosion, I realized that I had caught fire. I did not really understand what was happening to me. The pain only came afterwards.”

“I have second-degree burns on my stomach and my jacket melted around my finger where I tried to put the fire out…. Fortunately I was wearing a cotton T-shirt underneath and not a synthetic one. Also fortunately, the battery was not in my jeans.”

Be careful with those vapes, Bros.

[H/T: Death + Taxes]

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