List Of The Most Expensive Christmas Decorations Ever Includes An $1800 Brussel Sprout

Christmas Money


People spend obscene amounts of money on Christmas gifts but all the cash is slightly justified because giving gifts is fun. Spending almost $5,000 on a snow globe and other Christmas decorations is just plain stupid. compiled a list of the most expensive, and asinine, decorations ever. Some of the highlights include the $1800 Brussel sprout, 4,920.55 snow globe, $123,389 Christmas ornament and a $10 million dollar Christmas tree.

And let us not forget the pudding…

The showstopping “Most Precious Christmas Pudding” cost an eye-watering £23,500. Divided into 12 portions, that’s equal to an impressive £1,959 a slice. The tasty treat was created by ex-Savoy Hotel pastry chef Martin Chiffers in 2013, who soaked it in a potent vintage cognac (£10,890 a bottle). Lucky diners also had to be careful not to choke on a collectible gold Henry VI Salut D’Or coin worth £7,500.

That works out to $2947.30 in American dollars.

I’ll stick with the lights I stole from the neighbors.

[via Squander]