U.S. Map Shows The Most Popular Way To Smoke Weed In Each Of The 23 States Where It Is Legal

A new mobile app HowHigh, which “encourages people to check in at their favorite marijuana dispensaries and document their purchase and consumption publicly” and also owes Method Man and Redman royalties, just released these fairly basic stats on how people consume weed in states and countries where it is legal.

It’s uncertain how many people have contributed to the data as the app was just released in the Google Play store on July 31 and is not yet on iOS, but I’m kind of shocked that bongs aren’t getting more love these days. I blame Obama. And millennials. And most of all, Obama-loving Millennials.

Not shown: Butt chugging at .001%.

And here are the most popular ways people smoke weed in other countries where the drug is legal.