Here Are The Cities Where Bros Allegedly Get Laid The Most So It Might Be Time To Move

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Getting Laid


One would assume that major cities like Los Angeles, New York and Trenton, NJ would be the most likely spots to bang as many women as possible. Possibly, but, according to this “study” from they’re not the top spots where guys are getting laid the most.

A recent study conducted by the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site,, reveals the most promiscuous cities in America. While most Sugar Daddies reportedly having two to four sexual partners annually, 40 percent claim to have more than seven partners per year, a two percent spike from 2012. That number is significantly higher in cities such as San Jose, Hoboken and Scottsdale. Surprisingly, Las Vegas, infamously known as Sin City doesn’t crack the top five of “Most Promiscuous Cities in America.”

Probably because most people in Vegas are only there for a short period of time. You could only bang like 2-3 woman an hour at the most while in Sin City. At least I did.

Here are the top ten most promiscuous cities in America with the percentages standing for the percentage of men who admitted to having more than seven sexual partners in a year:

San Jose, California 74%
Hoboken, New Jersey 73%
Scottsdale, Arizona 72%
Charlotte, North Carolina 69%
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 66%
Las Vegas, Nevada 65%
Chicago, Illinois 62%
Washington, D.C. 61%
Phoenix, Arizona 57%
Portland, Oregon 56%

Actually, it’s pronounced “Broboken” arounds these parts.

Do you live in any of these cities? Are you getting laid often? Should we all move? Let us know.

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