The Most Right-Swiped Olympic Sports On Tinder Are The Exact Opposite Of What You Would Expect

It’s no secret that the Olympics are really just a bunch of televised sporting events used to cover up the massive orgy that goes down in the athletes village every year. For the 10,500 athletes competing in the games, over 400,000 free condoms were distributed in order to prevent the spread of Zika (and, y’know…AIDS, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis – all the fun diseases we have here at home) and yet, if the athletes are using Tinder, it appears that this sport will be needing more condoms than the rest, as its players get the most right-swipes out of any sport showcased at the Olympics:

Table tennis.

I shit you not.

For the women, the top right-swiped sports are table tennis, followed by field hockey and rowing. For the men, it’s again table tennis, but second and third places go to weight lifting and gymnasts, respectively. Bizzarely, for all the hullabaloo we’ve made over athletes like runner Michelle Jenneke and synchronized swimmers Bia and Branca Feres, neither sports make even the top six for swipes. I’m thinking there’s either a lot more table tennis athletes at the games which is skewing the average, or that the average athlete is hideous; we just don’t get to see them because no one likes staring at ugly people. What a happy thought!

The top six for both men and women are below, via E! News:

1. Tennis
2. Weightlifting
3. Gymnastics
4. Sport Shooting
5. Judo
6. Boxing

1. Table Tennis
2. Field Hockey
3. Rowing
4. Weightlifting
5. Rugby
6. Swimming

Do you agree with the top six, or do you think there’s a sport full of hotties that’s been overlooked?

[H/T E! News]