Forbes Ranked The Most Valuable Brands Of 2016 And The Gap Between The Top Two Wasn’t Even Close



The Forbes list of the most valuable brands of 2016 doesn’t have any surprises as far as companies making the cut but there are a couple head scratchers as far as ranking.

Even with Apple limping with not-so-great revenue numbers last month, the tech giant stills tops the Forbes list as the world’s most valuable brand. It’s estimated value of $154.1 billion is still incredibly impressive. Google came in second, by a wide margin, with Apple handily whipping the search giant by 87%.

Here are the top ten most valuable brands of 2016:

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Microsoft
4. Coca-Cola
5. Facebook
6. Toyota
7. IBM
8. Disney
9. McDonald’s
10. General Electric

I’m slightly surprised Facebook isn’t a little higher on the list and one notable that somehow didn’t make the top ten is Amazon, sitting at #12.

Apple is expected to widen the gap even more next year with the forecasted release of the iPhone 7.

[via Forbes]