Forbes Ranked The Most Valuable Brands Of 2016 And The Gap Between The Top Two Wasn’t Even Close

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The Forbes list of the most valuable brands of 2016 doesn’t have any surprises as far as companies making the cut but there are a couple head scratchers as far as ranking.

Even with Apple limping with not-so-great revenue numbers last month, the tech giant stills tops the Forbes list as the world’s most valuable brand. It’s estimated value of $154.1 billion is still incredibly impressive. Google came in second, by a wide margin, with Apple handily whipping the search giant by 87%.

Here are the top ten most valuable brands of 2016:

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Microsoft
4. Coca-Cola
5. Facebook
6. Toyota
7. IBM
8. Disney
9. McDonald’s
10. General Electric

I’m slightly surprised Facebook isn’t a little higher on the list and one notable that somehow didn’t make the top ten is Amazon, sitting at #12.

Apple is expected to widen the gap even more next year with the forecasted release of the iPhone 7.

[via Forbes]

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