Feast Your Eyes On The Most Vomit-Inducing Mugshot Of 2016

Yo bro, looks like your girlfriend’s ex just got busted for disorderly conduct in yep, you guessed it, Florida. So just be warned that your girl isn’t hopping on a flight to Florida for a *GiRlZ TrIp*, she’s going to drop $10,000 of your hard earned money to bail this savage out and lick this shit off his chin. Just doing a brotha a solid.

The dude’s name is Charles Easter and he looks like the Joker’s deadbeat cousin who wanted to follow in his footsteps but just didn’t have the resources and the know-how to be anything more than your every day meth head.

The most surprising thing regarding Charlie here isn’t that SICK, employer-friendly forehead tat or the Chad Kroeger ramen noodle hair or the purple shiner or the fact that he looks like he just mowed down on a shit sandwich, it’s that he was arrested doing a good deed.

According to The Smoking Gun, Easter was arrested at 1:46 am on Tuesday morning when he became unruly while visiting a friend who was being treated in the emergency room at a Fort Lauderdale hospital.

The complaint affidavit does it justice:

“…advised Easter numerous times to calm down or else he will be asked to leave the emergency room. Easter refused to comply, and at that time, I asked him to leave. While escorting Easter from the emergency room, he yelled out that the nurse that was caring for his friend to “Fuck off you cunt,” and in a fit of rage, maliciously threw coffee all over the floor and wall. Easter’s action disrupted the hospital and also peace and quiet of other patients and staff, hence he was subsequently taken into custody and charged accordingly.”

Somewhere, someplace Charle’s Easter’s parents are burning his baby photos.

Also, an apology to this creature for being bumped to the Silver Medal of the Mugshot Olympics.

[h/t Smoking Gun]

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