Workers Shared The Most ZOMG WTF $!%& Things They’d Ever Seen At Work And Now I’m Scarred For Life

I’m actually blown away by things I read below, the stories people shared of the most WTF things they’d ever come across on the job. On the one hand I’m not surprised to find that a ton of people are having sex at the office (or in the kitchen), but on the other hand I’m a little concerned about people finding dead bodies at work.

In an AskReddit thread titled ‘what is the weirdest/most fucked up thing you ever seen at work? [NSFW]’ a bunch of anonymous workers shared their most WTF stories and I didn’t expect to start the day losing faith in humanity but here we are. Get ready to have your mind grapes squashed after taking a peak into the most WTF elements of the work force, and as always I invite you bros to share the most WTF thing you’ve seen at work (or college) in the comments down below.


I didn’t work at Taco Bell, but I had friends who did. I would visit them often during the late night shift. The managers would drink alcohol and smoke weed in the back room. One of the cooks would bring his girlfriend into the freezer to fuck her. One night the employees pissed into a ziplock bag and tossed it back and forth between everyone. Seriously, that place was ridiculous. I have never eaten at a Taco Bell since.


A dead coworker. He had a heart attack and died and was on the floor. We were told to keep working. He was just a few feet from us.


I once caught one of my co workers masturbating on top of the photocopier as she wanted to photocopy her pussy while she was turned on and give it to her boyfriend, who worked on a different floor in the company.


* My psych/burn patient peeling cadaver skin grafts off of his body and sucking them down. Much lip smacking and satisfaction involved.
* Guy with a colostomy coded. I’m on the rapid response team, which runs to all of the codes in the hospital, so we generally don’t know too much about the patient. Apparently he had a blockage in his bowels, and a few seconds into chest compressions, feces started to shoot out of his mouth, and out the side of his colostomy.
* Patient brought into the burn unit from prison. He had set himself on fire in his cell. I asked him why he did it, and he claimed he wanted to see if he’d go to hell. He was incarcerated for the death of some very young girls, if I remember.
* Accidentally degloved a patient’s arm from the elbow down. The family was in the room.
After freaking out about the degloving, he related a story where a very severely burn patient was brought in, and when they tried to roll her on her side for something, her hand just snapped off.


Seen people have sex.
In the mirror.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The collapse of Lehman Brothers.


I worked as a hostess at Steak & Ale in Oklahoma when I was 16. We had 3 managers, but one was a total dick! One day he came through the kitchen and saw one of our cooks cutting veggies for a slaw type dish that goes in the self serve salad bar, with an industrial slicer. The cook wasn’t using the guard because it was broken. The manager made him put it back on even though the cook said it was dangerous, so he did. An hour later I was seating guest and I heard a horrible scream, the whole restaurant looked up. I ran to the back and the cook was standing there holding his hand, the slicer took off his index finger. Everyone was just standing there in shock, including the manager. I jumped into action and wrapped his hand and rushed him to the ER. The hospital wanted his finger so I ran back to retrieve it, it was in the bin of the mixed sliced veggies, I put it in a bag and was about to leave and looked back, the manager took a handful of veggies from the bin and ate them. I almost fucking puked on the spot. He laughed and walked off. So fucked up!!


A guy stole a calf out of a 4-h barn and slaughtered it.


I saw a guy masturbating in the middle of the street, pants down to his ankles, going at it. I was working as a mailman at the time.


Heres the one I’ve seen which has caused me to stop consuming flapjacks.
After college I took a full time job working in a factory as a chemical mixer with no experience at all. The first day on the job I was walking past the huge 20 metre ovens and conveyer belts where workers were putting flapjack mix into trays via an automated injector that put certain amounts of the mix into tray tins.
This is the part that was fucked up beccause there was grossly huge fat men with no gloves on, just bare hairy arms grabbing handfuls of the mixture from huge vats and throwing the handfuls into the injector. Hairs were being found in the trays but the supervisor didn’t care as he thought all hairs and bacteria would die after the raw flapjack mixtures. Furthermore when machines would break down or vats of mixtures were being made, empty vats were used for the men to spit into which is disgusting in itself but the empty vats were refilled with raw flapjack mixture without being cleaned.


There is no dignity in death.
That is one thing I have learned in my years in EMS/FD service.
One day we get called for an unresponsive, get there to find a 60-ish heavy set male who is dead. Definitely dead. Rigor and pooling and occurred so we were able to call it which is nothing out of the ordinary.
But let me explain his position. First set the tone of the house. Dark, dingy and cluttered. He had a commode in the living room which he had used a few hours prior which left a linger in the air that I don’t wish to remember. But again, nothing out of the ordinary except that using that commode was the last thing this man did.
He died wiping his ass. He pooped, got up, bet over, began to wipe, and died.
How could we tell? He was face down on is baby shit green 70’s carpet, ass up, with toilet paper still in his ass crack.
It looked like a crime scene from se7en. It looked like a producer looked at a hollywood set designer and said, “I want the audience to know this man died wiping his ass.”
One of the many mental images that will be forever burned into my mind.


The owner constantly huffing on whip-its all freaking day long, and telling me to never open the door in the corner of the 3rd floor (our porn floor). But even that doesn’t live up to the book policy he had. If you bought porn book or magazines, you could come back and exchange them for other ones of similar or equal value. why would you allow for something like that? He didn’t even have them cleaned afterwards, just put back on the shelf!!
I was only at that job for a month, and a couple years later he was arrested for growing weed in the attic


When I delivered flowers to a funeral home for the florist I worked for during college, I saw the funeral home staff having a pizza party in the “viewing room” where the dead person’s wake was to be held later that day.
There was the open coffin with the deceased lying in it, while just in front of it were tables of pizza and drinks – with party music playing on the parlor’s sound system.

And last but not least…this one’s the pure essence of ‘WTF’…


A mentally ill woman eat her own feces, vomit, and then continue to eat her own shit.

The most WTF thing I’ve ever seen at the BroBible office is probably a two-by-four falling off the roof of our building on Broadway Avenue in Manhattan and hitting a pedestrian like 10 floors below. If you’re not familiar with the geography of Manhattan just know that where our office is located on Broadway in SoHo happens to be one of the most heavily foot trafficked areas of the city. When that board fell off the roof (still nobody knows what it was doing up there) I just so happened to look over from my desk at the right time to see it flying by our windows. We walked over to the windows and all hell was breaking loose on the street below after someone had been hit…It’s either that or completely unannounced celebrity appearances in the office, and we’re expected to sit there and play it cool like one of the biggest celebs in the world didn’t just walk in.

If you’ve got a completely WTF story of something you’ve seen at work (or college) and you’re dyign to share it then you can hit us up on the anonymous TIP OFF form on the site, or you can drop your story in the comments down below!

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