Workers Shared The Most ZOMG WTF $!%& Things They’d Ever Seen At Work And Now I’m Scarred For Life

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I’m actually blown away by things I read below, the stories people shared of the most WTF things they’d ever come across on the job. On the one hand I’m not surprised to find that a ton of people are having sex at the office (or in the kitchen), but on the other hand I’m a little concerned about people finding dead bodies at work.

In an AskReddit thread titled ‘what is the weirdest/most fucked up thing you ever seen at work? [NSFW]’ a bunch of anonymous workers shared their most WTF stories and I didn’t expect to start the day losing faith in humanity but here we are. Get ready to have your mind grapes squashed after taking a peak into the most WTF elements of the work force, and as always I invite you bros to share the most WTF thing you’ve seen at work (or college) in the comments down below.


I didn’t work at Taco Bell, but I had friends who did. I would visit them often during the late night shift. The managers would drink alcohol and smoke weed in the back room. One of the cooks would bring his girlfriend into the freezer to fuck her. One night the employees pissed into a ziplock bag and tossed it back and forth between everyone. Seriously, that place was ridiculous. I have never eaten at a Taco Bell since.


A dead coworker. He had a heart attack and died and was on the floor. We were told to keep working. He was just a few feet from us.


I once caught one of my co workers masturbating on top of the photocopier as she wanted to photocopy her pussy while she was turned on and give it to her boyfriend, who worked on a different floor in the company.

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