Mom Sends 5-Year-Old Daughter To School With Vodka For Lunch

Remember all the times you would trade your crummy lunch of baby carrots for your classmate’s yummy lunch of Twinkies? Well, this was the kid you should be trading lunches with.

A mother in Queensland, Australia posted to Facebook how she accidentally sent her 5-year-old daughter to school with alcohol. The anonymous mom said she allowed her daughter to get a sippy juice for her lunch. She selected a Smirnoff raspberry sorbet-flavored vodka packet instead.

What? no Red Bull?

“EPIC lunchbox fail when you tell your five-year-old Preppie to put a frozen juice pouch in her lunchbox and you forget the other pouches in your freezer,” the mother wrote.

In the daughter’s defense, the vodka packet looks exactly like a kids “frozen juice pouch.”

The school called the cool mom to inform her that her daughter had a liquid lunch.

“They were very good about it lol. I made light of it (it was obviously innocent on my daughter’s behalf),” she said of the school. “I apologized for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed, thankfully.”

On the bright side, this young girl is prepared to work at Sterling Cooper.