NOPE! This Deformed Mountain Lion Found With Teeth Growing From It’s Forehead Has Experts Mystified

mountain lion


Sometimes, after a large bong rip, I ponder over all the possible species that roam the earth and seas that we’ve yet to identify. All the bizarre creatures that escaped the classification of humans, all the otherworldly-looking beasts who have gone unchecked, all the shit nightmares are made of.

A dead mountain lion found in Idaho gave us a glimpse into the unknown as it was found with a pair of fangs growing from its FOREHEAD.

According to BBC News,

A mountain lion killed in the US state of Idaho had a set of fully formed teeth growing out of its forehead, wildlife officials say.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says the teeth could be the remnants of a conjoined twin which died in the womb, or possibly a kind of tumour.

Biologists in the region have never seen anything like this particular deformity before, it says.

The lion was hunted after it attacked a dog near the town of Weston, Idaho. The dog survived, but a hunter set off in pursuit and killed the big cat a few hours later.

A conservation officer checked the lion’s body, as required by law, and found the set of teeth, as well as what appeared to be a set of whiskers on the left side of the animal’s forehead.


This is why I sleep with a night light.

[h/t BBC News]

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