Murder Suspect From Cincinnati Going For Cop’s Gun Pretty Much Proves To Me That He Did It

I’m a big advocate for the “If you smelt it, you dealt” mentality. Actions speak louder than words. That’s why most of my ex-girlfriends dumped me when I wouldn’t do anything nice for them, no matter how many times I said “I love you.” It’s why I’m convinced OJ is guilty of killing his ex-wife. There’s a 0% a chance an innocent man would get really high, put a gun to his head and lead the police on a Bronco chase. It’s like when you throw a party and someone comes out to say, “Hey man, someone that definitely isn’t me clogged your toilet with puke and possibly took a shit on top of it.” Thanks for the heads up, pal, but it was obviously you.

Take this murder suspect in Cincinnati who decided the best way to prove his innocence was by getting a hold of the arresting officer’s gun and shooting his way out.

Via Fox19:

“A man arrested on a murder charge Tuesday tried to grab a Cincinnati police officer’s gun from its holster while being processed at the Criminal Investigation Section. Thomas Robinson, 23, is accused of shooting 17-year-old Joseph Reno Armstrong Jr. on June 17. In surveillance footage from inside an interview room, an officer is working to change Robinson’s handcuffs when the suspect glances at the gun then makes his move, briefly getting his hands on the weapon. As officers work to restrain him, you can hear Robinson yell “Kill Me” six times during the battle for the gun.

The officer is able to keep both hands on his holster as two other cops come in to help. The fight for the weapon lasted about 13 seconds before police forced Robinson to the ground with a stun gun. It took less than one second for Robinson to get his hand from a resting position and onto the officer’s sidearm. Then it takes about one second for that officer react and get both hands on his weapon.

FOX19 NOW legal analyst Mike Allen said Robinson will be facing at least an assault to a police officer charge. Allen said that because you can see Robinson go for the gun, a prosecutor could possibly charge Robinson with attempted murder. A grand jury will consider indicting Robinson on Monday, court records show. Police have signed additional charges on him of assault and aggravated robbery. He is held at the Hamilton Co jail on $1.7  million bond, jail officials said this morning. While officers exchanged handcuffs on Robinson Tuesday, Cincinnati police wrote in court record he “grabbed (a) police officer’s weapon in an attempt to remove from the holster (sic). During the struggle, PO (James) Ball was struck in the face causing injuries to his lip and facial area.”

Robinson also faces charges of drug possession and having a weapon under disability. He was found with heroin in his sock when he was arrested, according to police. The gun charge was filed after police said they discovered Robinson in possession of a loaded 9 mm handgun with a round in the chamber.”

I mean, he obviously did it. Right? Why else would he do this? “No no, I’m totally innocent. But let me get that police-issued licensed firearm real quick.” I really want to know what his plan was. Was he going to use a single handgun against an entire police station. Police stations are like the most heavily fortified places in America. Once the zombie apocalypse hits, I’m going police station hopping. There were probably more cops in the building than bullets in that gun. Even if the guy strung together all headshots, I still don’t think he’s getting out of there. Obviously the dude was trying to commit suicide by cop so he wouldn’t have to go become someone’s prison bitch once the jury convicted him of murder. I think the easiest way to avoid that next time is just to not shoot a 17 year-old kid in the face. I know it’s hard, but maybe not do that next time.

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