Mustang Driver Trying To Act Cool And Burn Rubber Crashes Into Crowd Of People In Houston, Narrowly Avoids Disaster

My first car was a used Silver ’98 Ford Mustang (it has NOTHING on the HP of this vehicle) and that p.o.s. used to fishtail anytime there was the slightest bit of dew on the road, which was a major pain in the ass for me given that I lived in Florida and it rains 300+ days of the year. I can certainly sympathize with this dude’s car giving out on him but the fact that he drove like an asshole with that many kids around is simply unacceptable.

Here’s another angle of the incident:

I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t until I started blogging full-time that I realized just how shitty of a reputation Ford Mustang drivers have. But over the years I’ve come to realized that they’re one of the most hated groups of drivers on the planet. And though the hate and ridicule are nowhere near Honda Civic levels it’s still pretty damn hilarious to watch Mustang drivers get repeatedly lambasted on the World Wide Web for being shitty drivers when they are in fact terrible drivers.

A good drive doesn’t do this:

By the way, all of this took place at a ‘Cars and Coffee’ event in Houston on Saturday, according to Jalopnik. It doesn’t appear as if anyone was injured in this reckless crash.

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