Naked Baristas Serve The Steamiest Coffee In Town

by 3 years ago

As someone who used to handle a prominent coffee company’s social media and content creation up here in Seattle, I’m wondering why in the fuck I was never given permission to do something like this?

For that reason, I give major props to Nestle, makers of Coffee-Mate creamers, who recently released a new marketing video in which baristas are wearing nothing but, well, nothing, as they’re painted-up instead to create the steamiest cup of Joe I’ve ever seen.

Going with the theme “Natural Bliss” as its slogan, the company opened the doors to a cafe in New York City for guests to feel quite the jolt—and I’m not talking about a double shot of espresso—as they walked in on the baristas fully nude while taking their orders.

I’ve heard of bikini baristas to help grab the attention of customers, but if you told me that there would be fully naked people steaming my milk and pouring me shots, well, I might just increase my cups of coffee from two a day to about 10!


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