A Narcotics Cop Is In Some Hot Bong Water After Getting Busted Transporting 247 Pounds Of Weed


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I don’t know of any jobs that explicitly ask you, when you get hired, to not deal drugs (I know for certain that I wasn’t asked this in any interview for any job), but I imagine if you get hired to work narcotics for the police, they expect a little more of you than say, the dude who hired you to be a bouncer at a rural night club.

Christopher Heath signed up to work narcotics in California. He was a deputy for the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department, part of a narcotics task force. He was primarily focused on marijuana enforcement (which makes sense, being Northern California and all).

I guess he learned a lot (or not a lot, I guess), because he was just busted in Pennsylvania with 247 pounds of weed. That’s about $2 million in street value.

Heath and two others were arrested in York County while transporting the pot after police received a tip. At the time of the arrest, Heath had both his badge and service weapon with him.

Nice work, Bro.

He had told the Yuba County Sheriff’s office that he was on vacation at the time.

Yea. Vacation from duty to enforce the law. Although I guess I don’t do my job when I’m off the clock either.

Yuba County is now investigating cases Heath was involved in to see if any were compromised.

Heath and his partners were released on $1 million bail.

[Via The New York Times]

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