Happy National Hot Dog Day! Here’s Everywhere You Can Go For A Free Hot Dog Today And Other Freebies

Today’s National Hot Dog Day, which is actually a bit confusing because most of us associate the 4th of July as being National Hot Dog Day, but it’s not, it’s just National Fireworks Day and the day we rubbed England’s pale face in the dirt. Today IS National Hot Dog Day, and that means there’s a ton of places across our great nation slinging free hot dogs and other great prizes. Below is a list of places you can score free hot dogs, deals on hot dogs, and a few other items I personally think will enhance your overall National Hot Dog Day experience.

National Hot Dog Day: Free Hot Dogs, Giveaways, Discounts, And History

These are the places where you can score FREE Hot Dogs today for National Hot Dog Day (shout out to ABC 13 for putting these deals together)

Callahan’s – (New Jersey): They’ll be giving away free quarter-pounder hot dogs from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. For locations you can check out their Facebook here.

Evos: BOGO special all week. Evos (the healthy hot dog vendor of the South) is running a ‘buy one, get one free’ special all week (July 20th to 24th). For details on that special you can head on over to their Facebook event page.

Hop Dog: One free hot dog (per customer) today, from 3pm to 7pm (select locations). For more on this deal you can check out their Facebook event listing.

Kangaroo Express: Free hot dogs (in Virginia and the Carolinas) from 4 to 8pm to anyone with a military ID (limit 4 per person). Those who don’t have a military ID can enjoy $.50 Ball Park Hot Dogs.

Philly Pretzel Factory: They’re giving away a free pretzel dog to the first 300 customers of the day. While that might not sound like much of a deal, if you’ve ever had a Pretzel Dog from the Philly Pretzel Factory you’d be hauling ass there right now. Details of the giveaway can be found here.

RaceTrac: You can print out this coupon for one free hot dog at select RaceTrac locations, one of the largest gas station chains in America. I highly doubt they’ll let you show the coupon on your phone, so I would suggest printing it out. The coupon itself is actually valid through July 31st, so you have some time to use it if you want to get in on this giveaway.

And now for the places you can get HUGE DISCOUNTS ON HOT DOGS ($1 Hot Dogs) today and the rest of the month (but not entirely for free). Again, HUGE SHOUT OUT to ABC 13 for putting these deals together!

One Dollar Deals – Nationwide

7-Eleven: Nationwide you can get the quarter pound Big Bite from 7-Eleven for just $1 today (at select locations.

Pilot Flying J: You can print out this coupon for a FREE Oscar Mayer hot dog from Pilot Flying J, one of the nation’s biggest truck stop/gas station franchises. I’ve eaten their hot dogs before and I recommend doing this if you’re on a road trip today. The coupon expires tonight at midnight.

Sonic Drive-In: All day today for just $1 you can get a chili dog or a hot dog at Sonic, America’s greatest drive-in fast food chain. Even if you’ve never eaten there, every single one of you knows Sonic from their commercials. Maybe today’s the day you check out Sonic for the first time?

And for those of you bros out there celebrating National Hot Dog Day by grilling up some dogs on your own, here are some suggestions I have for you….

Recently I’ve gotten absolutely hooked on the ‘potato roll + Sir Kensington’s’ combo when it comes to hot dogs. There’s a lot to be said for high quality ingredients surrounding your hot dog, and it’ something you should really consider if you’re looking to elevate your hot dog game. I know it’s extremely unhealthy, but I actually eat a handful of hot dogs each month. When I go up to the mountains on the weekends during the Summer it’s a quick and easy meal, and it’s delicious and AMERICAN and I don’t know why I’m even trying to justify this to you bros. Who are you to judge me?

Anyways, if you REALLY want to step up your hot dog game you’ll stop what you’re doing and buy these products RIGHT NOW:

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With these few items your hot dog game is about to skyrocket. Now all that’s left for you to do after buying those is this: