Naughty America to Release All Its Adult Films in ‘Ultra High Definition’

The cynic would say something like: Why would you want to pay $34.95 a month for access to every blemish, razor burn, and C-section scar? But the 31-year-old CEO of Naughty America, Andreas Hronopoulos—who told the WSJ the investment is large enough to sink the company should it fail—thinks it's ultimately worth it:

In spite of the costs, Mr. Hronopoulos is convinced that the investment will be worth it, because 4K hits at one of the most important selling points for his clientele: giving viewers the ability to feel like they’re really there.

“Yes, you need a lot of computing power,” he says. But given the demands of his customers, he added, “the closer we can come to making it feel like you’re there, the more successful we are…. Our customers want to get as close to reality as they can get, without reality getting in the way.”


They've made a living selling something that can be found everywhere online for zero dollars. Maybe they know what they're doing.

[H/T: Wall Street Journal]