Navy Bro Finds Out Girlfriend Is Cheating On Him, Takes The One Thing She Loves Away From Her As SAVAGE Revenge Move

It’s baffling how you can go from dating an honorable Bro in the Navy to bangin’ some filthy drug dealer on the side. What does the dealer have to offer you besides drugs? More drugs? A dirty cat? Some unkempt furniture? Come on lady, you and I both know that was a stupid move. Even if you don’t love the Navy Bro you’re with you’ve got to at least have the common sense to realize that a life with Navy Bro >>>>>>>>> a life with Trashy Drug Dealer Who Will Probably Be Arrested Sooner Than Later.

But whatever – this story isn’t my story, it’s Redditor secaggle’s. I’ve come to realize that logic can be a rare trait among humans and in the case of secaggle’s buddy’s girlfriend, this holds true.

Happened to my best friend, but I was involed in the “cruel” part.
So my friend got out of the Navy and moved back to the area. After a few months he started dating a woman who had a child with another man before him (The kid was around 8 or 9 years old).

Fast forward to 8 months later: Still together and her kids birthday comes up so my friend buys this kid a go kart. Like a really nice, really fast go kart. He teaches the kid how to drive it, how to be safe, gets him a nice helmet and gear and then takes the kid out every week driving in the gokart (my friend had his own).

So fast forward about 5 months and his girlfriend is being very strange. Shes starting to act distant, not answer texts as much, ignores calls, etc. My friend doesnt think much of it but one day after that he gets a call from the kid…the kid calls him and starts to cry about his gokart (he hasnt heard from the girl in 2 days then the kid suddenly calls)

Welp turns out that this girl was cheating on my friend with another guy…who had a kid…and she took the go kart from her kid and GAVE it to the other guys kids.

My friend wasnt having any of this….so he gets me and one night we go over to this dudes house, sneak into the back yard and steal the go kart back. Its destroyed, the from is all banged up, and the back left wheel is broken off. We grab it and run.

Next day my friend confronts the girl and she admits to cheating on him…with this dude…for MONTHS. She started to get into hard drugs and her child was beginning to suffer because of it (wasnt eating right, missing school, clothes always a mess). The guy shes been cheating on him with is a big drug dealer so my friend goes to the cops.

Fast forward 6 months….The drug dealer is arrested, the mom loses the kid, kid is living with the Grand parents. The grandparents look at my friend as a big brother and let him take him out on sundays to play with HIS GO KART and has become a very big part of the kids life. The mom is not allowed to see the child without supervision. The father of the child finds out about this and becomes really good friends with my friend (hes an airforce vet) and thanks him for everything he did for the kid.

Short Version: Friend catches a girl cheating and screwing over her own kid, has to steal a gokart from another kid, gets mom arrested for drug abuse and child abuse, becomes a big brother in the kids life and made a new friend.



[Via Reddit]