No Matter What You Do, Never, EVER Use This Guy’s Texting Strategy When Trying To Make Your Crush Jealous

This guy royally fucked up what should’ve been a slam-dunk. Not only did he get a decent response out of the lamest conversation starter known to man, “Hey,” but he had to go and pretend he was his fake girlfriend else to try and make her jealous.

Come on man! She started asking you about Pokemon! This was your chance to act like you knew what you were talking about and impress her with some PokeFacts! And yet here we are instead, reading this embarrassing AF conversation between a girl who will never fuck this dude in a million years, and a guy who is so delusional he thinks faking like he’s a girl will get him laid:

At least this wasn’t as bad of a fail as these topless fails…

[Via Imgur]