LOL New DEA Head Says He’s ‘Not An Expert’ On Drugs, But That Marijuana Is ‘Probably Not’ Worse Than Heroin


Man, wow.


Strong stuff out of Washington this week, where the new acting head of the DEA claimed he wasn’t an expert on drugs, then proceeded to say he thought heroin was probably worse than pot.


Only in fucking our government. Imagine that in any other scenario in the WORLD.

The new head coach of the Miami Dolphins said today that he’s not an expert on football, but he thought that first downs were probably not as bad as three-and-outs. 

The new CEO of Apple said today that he’s no business expert, but he thinks people buying iPhones is probably better than people buying Samsung. 

The new OBGYN at your doctor’s office said he’s not an expert on human health and anatomy, but that your baby being born with arms is probably not as bad as it being born without arms. 

The fucking federal government, Bros. Even more amazingly, many are considering this a progressive step forward. WOOT! Meet the new head of the DEA. He has one-tenth more brain than the previous one, who had none.