The New York Times Made A Correction To An Error That Only Crazy People Noticed

The New York Times — “the newspaper of record” which now just means “the last newspaper standing” made a terrible, awful, horrendous mistake in a recent edition and had to make it right.

Now let’s ponder — was this mistake pointed out by an actual resident who happened to be reading the New York Times, a person working for the NYT or the biggest fucking know it all internet commenter of all time? I don’t think people FROM Mela Thiruvenkanathapuram would care enough to complain. It probably happens all the time. We get called out all the time for mistakes here by being called fuckbags. Imagine the smug SOB contacting The Times about that error?

“Um, it’s¬†spelled Mela Thiruvenkanathapuram good sirs! Don’t be fuckbags!”

[via Esquire]