This Newly Released Footage Of WWE Legend Chyna Reveals Just How Messed Up She Was Before Her Death


It’s been three weeks since WWE legend Chyna passed away from an accidental overdose in her Redondo Beach, California home. It is believed she passed from a deadly concoction of Valium and Ambien. She was 46.

Chyna’s struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction were no secret, as the weeks prior to her death she was filming a documentary about her substance abuse and declining health with hopes of a recovery in sight.

In the week before her death, Chyna recorded several videos of herself which clearly show how messed up she was. In one of the clips, Chyna appears to have a huge gash/bruise above her right eye, which she insisted was from a random champagne bottle attack at a liquor store. A claim that was rejected by her documentary filmmaker, Rob Potylo, believes the injury was sustained from a drunken fall that Chyna was too embarrassed to admit.

According to TMZ, Potylo saw the below clips and contacted Chyna’s attorney to discuss getting her intensive help, but they simply ran out of time.

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