Dude Goes From ‘Nice Guy’ To Bitter Death-Wishing Maniac Real Quick After Being Dumped

Nobody wants to be dumped. But you take your lumps, drink it off for a weekend, realize she isn’t worth getting upset over, and look for a rebound chick. However, this fucking psychopath couldn’t deal with a breakup with a girl who he wasn’t even seeing that long and went ballistic. The girl posted her conversation with this loser on Imgur and titled it “Nice guy explodes when rejected.”

The girl was kind and went with the standard-issue “It’s not you, it’s me” for the sole reason that she didn’t want this kid to get upset. But he did. A lot.

Have some fucking chill and don’t pester a girl for pics over and over, comes off as desperate as fuck.

This dude is so fucking thirsty.

C’mon man, you found her attractive enough to sweat her for pics over and over again, now she dumps you and she’s a slob? Pathetic.

For someone who “deleted her number” and is “avoiding” her, he seems to be seeking her out quite a bit.

The butthurt is strong in this one.

Sorry dude, you probably didn’t make her cum since you didn’t know if you took her to O-Town or not for three fucking hours.

What a passive-aggressive little cunt this guy is. He is so sobbing as he masturbates tonight over this girl who he wishes he was still with.