Introducing the NoPro, The GoPro For People Who Do Awesomely Regular, Boring Stunts

nopro video

YouTube - Tripp and Tyler

You know how you see all those awesome videos people make while filming themselves using a GoPro? Yeah, none of us will ever be able to do anything even remotely close to that.

Thankfully for us, Tripp and Tyler, the guys who brought us the “Realistic Set Of Golf Rules For Non-Professionals,” are here so that we too can brag about our super-normal stunts and exploits with their latest invention: the NoPro.

As you will see, a NoPro video is just like those fancy GoPro stunt videos only it captures all of those cool shots of regular people doing regular people stunts.

For example, the epic Rim Touch…

And the always dangerous Cart Ride…

And, uh this…

Don’t know about you, but I know what I’m asking for this Christmas!

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