Military Expert Shreds North Korea Parade For Fake Weapons, Even Sunglasses Are Fugazi

North Korea attempted to flaunt their military might during a parade earlier this month, but it has completely failed at striking fear in the world. One of the tanks in the parade broke down and was smoking. Then military experts noticed that the over-the-top size missiles in the parade were probably just wooden boxes. Now it turns out that many of the weapons and even the combat sunglasses seen in the parade were fake.

Michael Pregent, a former Army Intelligence Officer with over 28 years of experience working conflicts around the world, examined footage from the parade in Pyongyang and noticed that much of the military hardware are fugazi.

“Those ‘grenade launchers’ on AK47s are actually helical magazines for ammunition,” Pregent told Fox News. “Many of the guns and projectiles appear to be dummies.”

“If you look, you can see the plastic is over the muzzle,” he said of the guns. The projectiles attached to rifles were “laughable.”

Even their sunglasses are fake. The combat sunglasses worn by the soldiers in the parade would give little protection because they are not the wraparound ballistic eyewear to protect eyes from shrapnel and projectiles.

Pregent noted that the fingerless gloves worn by the North Korean soldiers would not be effective in combat and are fire-resistant able withstand the heat of a gun barrel.

He added that the spiral bullet cases are notorious for jamming.

And the silver-plated guns carried by soldiers were probably painted.

“This was more about sending a message than being combat effective,” Pregent said.

However, Pregent warned that the real weapons might be behind the scenes to avoid an accident. He also cautioned, “They have a legitimate military capability with their artillery.” As we saw in the massive live-fire artillery drills earlier this week.

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North Korea Tried To Be A Badass By Firing A Missile And It FAILED

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