There’s A New, Boozy ‘Not Your Father’s’ Flavor That Tastes Just Like Mountain Dew

by 2 years ago

Brandon take: Mt. Dew? Awesome. Booze? Awesome. Pouring tequila/vodka/gin/Everclear/any liquor into Mt. Dew to make it boozy Mt. Dew? Can confirm — Very, very awesome, especially when Joey Badass is holding things down.

It’s especially awesome at the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas, where you can spike your frozen Baja Blast Mt. Dew with double shots tequila. I highly recommend it — It’s a firecracker way to start or end a night. Truly addicting.

Mt. Dew has a new”Spiked” flavor on the market that’s not *actually* spiked with any sort of booze. While that leaves us to our own devices, Not Your Father’s — the makers of the famed Not Your Father’s Root Beer, amongst other hard sodas — is stepping to the table.

My favorite review comes from this guy over on Beer Advocate:

Find where you grab a sixer of “Mountain Ale” over on Small Town Brewery’s website. It’s already inspiring things like this:

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