NYC Woman Films Her Expensive Apartment Ceiling Collapsing, Proving That NYC Ain’t For Everyone

I’m one of those weirdos who loves living in New York. That said, I get it’s not for everyone. The expensive headaches you have to deal with here are pretty much unparalleled to life elsewhere. For example, one time I woke up to the owners of the bar below my apartment banging on my door asking me if my bathroom was flooded — turns out someone’s toilet in the apartment next to mine was, effectively flooding them out and causing the ceiling to collapse.

When you pay $2000+ a month in rent, you just sort of expect everything to be perfect, if not ideal. Not the case in NYC. You’re just broaching the barrier of entry for basic livability. If you’re paying under $1300 for a studio, you’re probably living in an ex-meth den in B.F.E. Brooklyn or Queens that still has toxic meth residue in the dry wall.

Anyway, this woman filmed the plaster ceiling to her Astoria, Queens apartment collapsing. Because Astoria is pretty nice, she’s probably paying more in rent than most families are for their monthly mortgages. Via the uploader:

A crack appeared on the ceiling of my sister’s apartment. Three days later, this happened.

NYC: It’s great if you can tough it out. But it ain’t for everyone.

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