Watch This Octopus Try And Escape Its Tank And Tell Me It Isn’t Interested In Killing Everyone

This video comes from the Seattle Aquarium and is of an octopus trying to escape a glass, cylindrical tank. Here. Watch it get to the top and flail its evil tentacles.

God that is terrifying. Thank the Lord the attempt was thwarted. But what do you think it was planning on doing? Picking up Thai food? I highly doubt that octopus just wanted to head to Mae Phim Thai on Pike Street for some Pad Kee Mao.

Nope, he was planning on murdering every human in his path on his way back to the ocean. Or just traveling the streets and killing for fun. Maybe even meeting up with some of the squids at Pike Place Market and freeing them.

All I know is once the octopi invent guns, it is all over for us. Hell, they don’t even need to invent them. Just find ways to break into our armories, which, after watching this escape video, I don’t think will be all that difficult.

[Via Gawker]