The Official Drinking Game For Every Horror/Slasher Film

by 4 years ago


It’s horror movie season. Whether your watching with friends or a girlfriend, why not put some back?

Why not put a lot back.

One Drink Category: Take 1 drink…

– Every time there’s a cut scene with a loud noise that’s meant to scare you, and nothing actually happens.

– Every time the phone rings.

– Every time you notice how outdated the technology is in the movie.

– Every time you see the killer’s murder weapon.

– Every time someone takes a drink or someone references getting drunk.

– Every time the “slut” does or says something slutty.

– Every time someone drops the F bomb.

– Every time you see a news reporter.

Three Drink Category: Take 3 drinks…

– Every time someone trips for no apparent reason when running away.

– Every time someone grabs a butcher knife. (Killer doesn’t count)

– Every time a phone doesn’t work. (This is why newer horror movies take place in remote areas. This way they can explain the cell phone problem with no cell phone reception.)

– Every time a car breaks down, crashes, or doesn’t start.

– Every time there’s shoddy police work. (This includes security guards)

– Every time someone warns a character of danger way ahead of time but they don’t listen.

Five Drink Category: Take 5 drinks…

– If there’s a death before the opening credits. Bonus drink for each additional death.

– Any time the main characters get into a Jeep or SUV.

– Every time there’s a shower scene.

– If you see a nipple. Take 1 drink for each additional nipple.

– When someone you thought was dead shows up alive later in the movie.

– When someone is blanketed on a stretcher.

Scale of 1 to 10 drinks: Rate how good a death is.

This one is up to you or the group. Here’s a baseline to get you started. One drink is a cut scene to blood hitting the wall, and 10 drinks is the killer cutting off a guy’s head while he’s taking a piss, causing him to piss into his own mouth. You can see an example of this at the 8:05 minute mark from this clip of Pumpkin Karver.

So enjoy this drinking game to your favorite slasher horror movies. This way the smooth drinks will really take the edge off.


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