The Ultimate Horror Movie Drinking Game

This Horror Movie Drinking Game Is The Only One You Need

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  • Your typical horror movie is filled with the various tropes and clichés that have come to define the genre
  • We put together the ultimate drinking game that all but guarantees you’ll be tipsy by the time it ends
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Horror may be Hollywood’s ultimate “hit-or-miss” genre based on how wildly the quality of movies in that category can vary. For every classic like The Exorcist, Halloween, or The Shining, you have dozens of largely forgettable B movies destined to sit in bargain bins at Walmart and ad-supported streaming services for eternity.

However, there are plenty of things that unite a lot of horror movies and slasher films that sit on diametric ends of the Rotten Tomatoes meter, as they typically harness the variety of tropes that spawned the creation of the meta subgenre home titles like Scream and The Cabin In The Woods.

The prevalence of those clichés makes almost every horror movie the ideal vehicle for a drinking game, so we decided to take the time to put together a list of the most popular ones that virtually guarantee you’ll be in a very fun place by the time the end credits roll (the “drink” in question here is a sip of beer, but feel free to tinker with that baseline to fit your own needs).


Our Horror Movie Drinking Game Rules

One Drink When:

  • There’s a cut scene with a loud noise that’s meant to scare you, and nothing actually happens.
  • The phone rings
  • You notice how outdated the technology is in the movie
  • You see the killer’s murder weapon
  • Someone takes a drink or someone references getting drunk
  • The Slutty One does or says something slutty
  • You see a news reporter 

Three Drinks When:

  • Someone trips for no apparent reason when running away
  • Someone (aside from the killer) grabs a kitchen knife
  • A phone doesn’t work (whether it’s a broken landline or a cellphone with no signal or battery)
  • A car breaks down, crashes, or doesn’t start.
  • There’s shoddy police work (this includes security guards)
  • Someone warns a character of danger way ahead of time but they don’t listen

Five Drinks When:

  • There’s a death before the opening credits (bonus drink for each additional death)
  • The main characters all pack themselves into a Jeep or SUV
  • There’s a shower scene.
  • You see a nipple (add one drink for each additional nipple)
  • Someone you thought was dead shows up alive later in the movie.
  • Someone is blanketed on a stretcher.

Wild Card: Death Drinks

This one is up to you or the group and can range from one to ten sips per kill, which depends on how many you think the slaying in question warranted.

Here’s a baseline to get you started. One drink is a cut scene to blood hitting the wall, and 10 drinks is the killer cutting off a guy’s head while he’s taking a piss, causing him to piss into his own mouth (you can see an example of this really, actually happened at the around of the 8:00 mark in this clip from Pumpkin Karver).

So enjoy this drinking game to your favorite slasher horror movies. This way the smooth drinks will really take the edge off.