Watch This Old Man Get Hilariously Pranked Over And Over And Pray He Doesn’t Have A Heart Attack

When it comes to scotch I’m all about that top shelf, but when it comes to comedy I’m as blue collar as it gets. Give me a looped video of someone hilariously falling down a set of stairs and I’ll laugh at it for hours. All I need in life to stay happy is my dog, my fishing rod, and clips of people having the feces scared right out of their butts. That’s the good stuff.

Here we’ve got some man filming himself scare the crap out of an old man (his father?). The voice of the dude doing the scaring sounds pretty old to be the old man’s son, but I guess it could be his kid. The video gets progressively better as more and more of that old man’s personality (and accent) come through. With each fright the man becomes a little more animated, until we finally see how much all this tomfoolery is weighing on his nerves. I love it.

Every video on YouTube should be this good.