This 20-Year-Old Aussie Makes Up To $10K A DAY Impersonating Taylor Swift, Might Actually Be Hotter

Remember that Taylor Swift lookalike we showed you last year named Rose Nicholas who makes $11,000 a month impersonating Swift? Yeah, well, this isn’t her.

This one is named Olivia Claire and she can make WAY MORE money than that. 20-year-old Claire says that she banks $5,000 to $10,000 just for one freaking appearance. Oh to be born with the right DNA.

Apparently she looks so much like T-Swizzle that even some of her 47,000 Instagram followers can’t believe she isn’t her. (Some people are more gullible than others.)

Claire tells us all about her story as a celebrity lookalike in a recent interview with Pedestrian

I guess it was a fairly gradual thing because when I had long, naturally brown hair and worked as a check-out chick, customers would often tell me I looked like a “Brunette Taylor Swift” or “Taylor Swift in the ‘You Belong With Me’ video” (where she wears a wig).

Back then, I was a lot younger and a lot less confident, I didn’t take much notice because I admired her so much I couldn’t see a resemblance. It wasn’t until Taylor’s Red Tour back in 2013, slightly lighter hair, where I’d dressed up in a similar stage costume that people came and asked for photos, which really shocked me.

Don’t think she looks like Taylor Swift? Taylor guitarist did…

What’s the wildest story of someone mixing you up for Taylor?
There’s been so many but I have to say it was probably when I passed Taylor’s guitarist, Paul [Sidoti], in the hallway on my way to meet her, and he double took and then freaked out and kept going “Oh my god! No way, oh my god, that is freaky!”. It was pretty funny coming from someone who’s worked with and known her for nearly 10 years.

So what did SHE think of Taylor Swift’s appearance when she met her in person?

I would compare my resemblance to some photos of her, but in the flesh, she just looks like a doll, she’s so perfect-looking.

I think that she might shortchanging herself a little bit…