Hey, Every Dude, Whatever You Do, NEVER Do Something Like This When A Girl Rejects You

by 4 years ago

Look, I’ll be the first dude to admit that rejection sucks. Having been rejected many, many times by many, many women, I know it’s not an easy thing to take. It sucks when someone you like doesn’t like you.

But just because it’s difficult for you doesn’t mean you get to make it difficult for other people, especially the person doing said rejection. Because while you won’t get any (maybe deserved) Brownie Points for being a nice guy who says thanks and moves on, you will comfortably get to rest in your own knowledge that you aren’t a psychopath.

You don’t want to be a psychopath, do you? And you don’t want to be a terrible individual, who when, rejected by one woman, throws a complete and utter hissy fit.

Because if there’s one thing you should be in life, it’s good. Here is an example of how not to be good.

It comes from BuzzFeed writer Grace Spelman, who long ago Facebook friended a guy who hosted a Harry Potter podcast. (I know). Recently (seven years later), he deserved it was time for him to get his from a random stranger. Here’s the story, from Spelman’s tweets.

Reminder: this is an example of what not to do, both as a Bro, and a larger, more general member of society.



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