Indiana Residents Voted Online To Name This City Council Building And Thanks For The Laugh, Indiana

LOLOLOLOLOL Say it again! Say it again! Love how the two anchors at the beginning just handed it off to the black dude like ‘this guy will explain because neither of us have testicles and  we’re above using cuss words.’ Then the black dude just ran with it. Probably said Hairy Balls 23 times, at least six of them were completely unnecessary. Honestly wouldn’t have been surprised it he whipped out his nutsack and laid them on the table to give us a visual. Dude just went IN on hairy balls. I was almost positive when he was interviewing those city residents he was just going to blurt out “BALLZ” while they were talking about what he’s done for the city. That is the kind of fearless dude I want delivering my news, a dude with some big ol’ hairy balls talking about hairy balls. Those two squid anchors put him to the testicle, and he came out victorious. Give that dude a razor. Sorry *raise.

[h/t LADbible]

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