Oregon State Fair Will Host ‘Best Marijuana’ Contest And Then Those Judges Will KILL IT In Pie Eating Contests

The Oregon State Fair will still be judging apple pies and fattest pigs this year, but their also getting into the pot judging business and I’m not talking about the kind made from clay.

More than 60 growers are expected to showcase their “live” cannabis plants at the Oregon Cannabis Fair starting August 26th.

The top growers will become the nation’s first-ever winners of a state fair ribbon honoring a farm crop outlawed by the federal government. For some, the contest effectively adds another H to the 4-H Club: Herb.

“We regularly reach out to the community with some form of education, to de-stigmatize the industry and the plant,” Don Morse, chair of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council, told leafly.com this week. “For the people at the state fair to let this happen is really groundbreaking.”

Pot will be judged on color, aroma, leaf structure and lack of pests.

Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. state fair all already have pot contests, and so does my house, every weekend.

[via LA Times]

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