Orlando Bloom And Selena Gomez Got ‘Touchy Feely’ This Weekend — Let’s Hope Katy Perry Doesn’t Find Out!

Look, this is dumb celebrity gossip and I realize you don’t read BroBible for dumb celebrity gossip. Butttt…. As Bros, we can talk Orlando Bloom’s doggedness. The dude was married to one of the hottest models in the world, Miranda Kerr, who is now snatching up real estate with Snapchat’s billionaire CEO. When that went south and Bloom awesomely punched Bieber in the face, the 39-year-old Aussie actor started shackin’ up with Katy Perry.

Now a new beau has emerged. TMZ caught some snaps of Bloom getting “touchy feely” with Selena Gomez at Mandalay Bay after her concert on Saturday night. You dog you, Bloom. Via TMZ:

It went down Saturday night at Light in Mandalay Bay — Selena had the after-party for her Vegas concert there, and sources in the club tell us Orlando was a surprise, late addition to the party … and made a major impression when he got there.

We’re told things got very “touchy feely” quickly before 23-year-old Selena and 39-year-old Orlando started neck-nuzzling and embracing in a booth. However, we’re told Selena absolutely went back to her room alone.

Sooo … about Katy Perry. Far as we knew, she and Orlando were still together — they were spotted together at a Met Gala after-party last week. For what it’s worth, Katy was at a Renaissance Festival Saturday in Cali.

Maybe, in Bloom’s mind, it’s some weird, f-ed up “revenge” on Bieber for when he went after his now ex-wife Miranda Kerr. What an incestuous celebrity soap opera.

Call Orlando Bloom the unicorn slayer because he only bags unicorns. The evidence is over at TMZ.