Outrage After Shark Dies From Tourists And Lifeguards Dragging It Out Of The Ocean To Take Photos With It

Video has emerged of a tough to watch scene where a distressed and flopping shark was struggling to stay alive as it was dragged from the ocean and onto the beach by tourists and lifeguards. Once the shark was dead, people took photos with the lifeless animal.

The incident happened on the beaches of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. That is where a group of men, including lifeguards from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, spotted a blue shark in shallow waters and hauled in the creature with a small fishing net. Once the shark is on shore they tie it up, put a life buoy around its head and oar in its mouth to prevent it from snapping.

Gary Stokes, the Asia Director for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, uploaded photos of the unfortunate event to his Facebook. The pics show tourists and lifeguards from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino posing for a photo with the lifeless shark. “A large blue shark is hauled from the ocean and up the beach where it is tortured to death,” the post states. “Lifeguards are seen in the video (blue shorts, red shirts) and later posing with the dead shark with kids.”

Hard Rock Hotel spokeswoman Stacy Sorino said that “corrective measures” are being taken against the lifeguards. “That is absolutely against our standards of protecting animals as we protect our guests,” Sorino said.

The Hard Rock’s Twitter has received much criticism by outraged individuals.

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