Ozzy Man Narrated The Video Where The Toddler Saved His Brother After He Got Crushed By A Dresser

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Yesterday, most of the Internet covered the very scary situation that unfolded in a child’s bedroom. Twin 2-year-olds were in their bedroom, unsupervised and climbing on their dresser (which was weirdly empty) when all of a sudden the whole thing tipped over and trapped one of the boys. If you missed it, you can see the video here.

Thankfully, the situation had a happy ending. The boy who didn’t get crushed under the weight of the dresser ended up saving his brother. But it took him some time to do it. And Internet funnyman Ozzy Man took notice of that. So he did what he always does: he jokingly narrated the harrowing situation. Which is fine now, because no one died.

Ozzy Man…bless his fucking heart for making shit like this.

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