Here’s Exactly Why Having Your Pants Fall Down To Your Ankles During A Street Fight Is A Very Bad Idea

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, known for their chocolate, waffles and sprouts. Notice I didn’t say fighting in that previous statement. While they produce fine beer and have great fries, the Dutch aren’t exactly known for having world-class fighters. Take this video example below for consideration.

It appears that these gents had a grand time about town and they may have overindulged in alcohol. A brawl breaks out and that’s when one of the street fighters made an extremely poor strategy of having his pants pulled down around his ankles. He is unable to walk properly and is forced to hop around like a bunny as combatants throw punches at him. His lack of mobility and absence of balance makes him an easy target. He is immediately shoved to the ground and when he attempts to get up he is kicked in the face. Luckily for our pants-less friend, the men in this brawl can’t fight for shit and it doesn’t appear that one solid punch was ever landed.

This should be a friendly reminder of the dangers of wearing your pants around your ankles. Learn from this man’s mistakes and don’t have your pants on the ground when you find yourself in a vicious cock fight.

[WARNING: Vertical Camera Filming]