Two Pissed Off Parents Confront Teen Who Insulted Their Daughter On Facebook And It Does Not Go Well For Him

So the events leading up to this are a little hazy because the video starts with the dad trying to suffocate the kid and wasting no time showing us his ass crack. But judging from the mom’s potty mouth I’m guessing this kid called their daughter a basic bitch or something on Facebook.

I understand no parent wants their kid to be called names but it’s the fucking internet. A Facebook commenter commented on one of my posts the other night that I “should have been a blowjob,” which means my mom should have blown my dad instead of sexual intercourse to prevent me from ever being born because I’m a piece of shit worthless assbag who can’t seem to get his life together. That’s what he meant by that. I thought about that comment for the next few hours (or days) as food lost it’s taste and a raincloud followed me wherever I went. There are very few things you can say to me that sting more than ‘I wish you never existed as a living organism.’ That cuts to the core.

But after a few days and a couple sob sessions in the shower, I realized that if I let every personal jab about me being an absolute dickface get to me, my parents would be confronting people every second of every day in every country in the world. Gotta let bygones be bygones and ‘Matt you have zero discernible skills you talentless fuck’ be ‘I’ll try harder next time!’ The parents in this video best stay off their daughter’s newsfeed if they don’t want to spend their entire lives confronting keyboard warriors. Take it from an internet punching bag: it’s a losing battle.



[H/T Barstool]

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