Pastor Who Tried To Walk On Water Like Jesus Eaten By Crocodiles In Front Of Crowd

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This incident seems eerily reminiscent of those Southern pastors that bring rattlesnakes into Church and inevitably get bitten by the highly venomous snakes. Only, there’s no anti-venom for getting eating by crocodiles in front of parishioners. When you fall in the water, drown, and get eaten by 3 crocodiles at once that’s game over.

Such is the story of the Nigerian pastor who tried to walk on water like Jesus. He was attempting to recreate Jesus’ miracle as a show of faith for the congregation, but things went south in a hurry.

Pastor Jonathon Mthethwa of the Saint of the Last Days Church chose the ominous ‘Crocodile River’ as the place for attempting to walk on water, a stunt that would inevitably lead to his death. With a name like ‘Crocodile River’ you can help but wonder what this man really thought was going to happen?

Did he really think there was any shot in hell that he was going to be able to walk on water? Or was this just some elaborate ruse to get himself eaten by a crocodile because that’s what he’s into? Let’s look at the details of the story, via UNILAD, and you bros can decide for yourselves:

Mthethwa, from a local church in White River Mpumalanga died Saturday morning trying to demonstrate the biblical miracle to his congregants.
According to The Herald Zimbabwe, he drowned into the Crocodile River and was seen by his church members getting eaten by 3 crocodiles.
Deacon Nkosi, a member of the church, told the newspaper, “The pastor taught us about faith on Sunday last week.
“He promised he would demonstrate his faith to us today, but he unfortunately ended up drowning and getting eaten by 3 large crocodiles in front of us.
“We still don’t understand how this happened because he fasted and prayed the whole week.”
Pastor Mthethwa was said to have walked into the water and when he was 30 meters inside the river, attempted to ascend above the water so he can start walking, but the 3 crocodile appeared from nowhere and started feasting on him. via The Nigerian Daily Post

Really? You don’t understand how it happened because he fasted and prayed? You really fucking thought that skipping a few meals was going to make him immune to hungry crocs at a place called Crocodile River?!?

I’m going to choose to believe that whoever this person was interviewed by the newspaper was trolling the shit out of them with hs response. I can’t go to sleep tonight knowing that there is someone out there in the world who genuinely believes fasting and praying makes you immune to crocodile attacks and/or gives you the abilities to walk on water.

[h/t UNILAD]


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