Paul Walker’s Estate Is Suing A ‘Friend’ Who Allegedly Stole Seven Of Paul’s Cars The Day After His Death

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Mourning is the only acceptable human response the day after your “friend” dies a horrific, unexpected death. Anything outside the realm of grief, you are a special kind of dickface. But it pains me to have to ask this question: What’s the scummiest thing you can think of your friend doing the day after you died a horrific death? Have sex with your wife/girlfriend? That’s scummy as hell. Steal seven cars you trusted him to maintain and take them to an undisclosed location? Equally fucking scummy.

And apparently that’s what friend and associate Richard Taylor did less than 24 hours after the Porsche Carrera GT Walker was a passenger in smashed into trees and a utility pole in Santa Clara, California on November 30, 2013, killing Walker and his friend Roger Rodas.

A Los Angeles court filing indicates that the Paul Walker estate is pursuing legal action against Richard Taylor, demanding the return of a 2011 Porsche GT3 RS and six other cars, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Taylor allegedly concealed the location of the expensive vehicles in order to convert them for his own personal gain.

Richard Taylor was said to be a friend of Walker’s, and Walker put him in charge of maintaining the ownership records and registration certificates for a slew of high-end cars.

The suit claims that in March 2014, Taylor made a list titled, “Paul Walker Current Car Inventory List” and sent it to the estate, accounting for 31 of cars owned by Walker and one car jointly owned by Rodas and Walker. Taylor purposefully left seven cars off the list and moved them to storage facilities where he hoped to live happily ever after on dirty money.

The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Walker’s estate is suing for the return of the vehicles and certificates, or value of the vehicles if they cannot be returned, along with TBD compensatory damages.

If found guilty, I’m all for the death penalty. It takes a special kind of snake in the grass to stoop this low. Who knows what this bastard is capable of if we allow him to share air with the rest of us. Scroll up and look at that face. We’re talking about stealing from a dude who anonymously bought a couple’s engagement ring and they didn’t find out until 10 years later. Salt of the earth dude. Fuck this Taylor guy. Fuck this guy so much.

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