Dang. A Whole Hell Of A Lot Of People Are Having Sex At Their Office Holiday Party

by 3 years ago


Fun Fact: People like to fuck.

It doesn’t matter the time of day, or the location, or even the lack of available partners. Everyone just wants to do it.

Which makes it no surprise that people are screwing at their office holiday parties. Take one part a year of close quarters and intimate interaction, mix in seven servings of alcohol and boom. Lust City.

Still, if you asked me what percent of people have boned at the holiday party, I would have guessed at most 20 percent. At most.

But NAWWH. Try double that. Forty percent of people have done it during, not even after, the holiday party. At a table of ten? Look around. Pretty much everyone fucked in that room but you.

The numbers come from lingerie retailer Ann Summers, who surveyed over 2,000 people. The places employees are most likely to do it? The parking lot, followed by the conference room.

Nice. Pervs.

[H/T Maxim]

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