People Are Real Pissed Over This Joke Tweet About Amy Schumer So Grab A Pitchfork, It’s Social Justice Warrior Time!


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Welcome to 2016: you can’t call people stupid even if they’re stupid, you can’t call people ugly because everyone is now a “special, unique butterfly in their own special unique way” and god forbid you call someone downing a triple layer chocolate cake in front of you fat. The world might end, the same way that you’d suspect the world is ending for Mobile Casino app Fruity King, who tweeted out the following joke about Amy Schumer:

Like COME ON. That’s funny! No one can take a fucking joke these days, with all this bullshit about “fat shaming” and what-have-you. How about all the people with fragile little egos find a deserted island and trigger-warn each other to death until only one survives, and that person can come back and live with society IF they promise to quit being such a goddamn narc.

Besides, this tweet isn’t even forreal – no I mean, it’s a real tweet. But the company obviously did it just for free publicity. See how they intentionally misspelled “your” at the end? There certainly are lots of morons in the world, and I almost dismissed that as yet another idiot with a Twitter account, but then I saw this tweet:

Holocaust joke, you say? Let’s find it!



Ahhh, THAT holocaust joke. It appears that Fruity King, after a tweet or two of practice, has found a way to get free publicity: tweet offensive enough things that you’ll get your name in the paper, but not so offensive that anyone actually stops using your services. It’s genius really, hence the misspelled “your” at the end of the Schumer tweet.

Of course, this flew right over everyone’s heads as they went on to bitch and moan about how their panties were in a knot over a stupid fucking tweet:

fruity king


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