The 5 People You Follow on Instagram

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5. The Athlete

Everyone follows at least one college athlete or a high school athlete that takes himself way too seriously on social media. I get it, you play basketball. I don’t need to see photos of the court you play at or a picture of you in the weight room with a motivational quote every morning when I wake up. The Instagram athlete is also notorious for putting up pictures of themselves in normal places with quotes that rarely apply to the situation. If you have a picture of yourself dressed in all nike, sitting on a bench in the food court with an irrelevant caption like “only god can judge me” or “haters motivate me” usually followed by that little 100 emoji (what the fuck is that anyway?) then I’m probably referring to you.

4. The Narcissist

This is almost always a girl, the narcissist is that person who puts up a selfie and sometimes multiple selfies per day. The captions for these photos are equally as annoying as they’re usually something like “never let anyone stop your shine” or something else extremely cliché and annoying that they probably recycled from a tumblr post. The narcissist’s favorite days of the week are: #SelfieSunday, #TransformationTuesday, and of course #ThrowbackThursday. And she will never let you forget it. How good looking do these girls think they are? Just because it’s Thursday doesn’t mean you should put up 3 different photos with you and your friends at the beach with the caption “take me back”. I get it, you think you’re attractive. I do not.

3. Instagram Artist

I’ll be honest, this person isn’t that bad. I can deal with some pictures of nature with a cool filter on it every once in a while. The Instagram artist never hesitates to take a picture of the sunset or a cool view, and they ALWAYS snap a pic of their food before they eat it because how else are people going to know I had sushi for lunch?! The only bad thing about the Instagram artist is that they think they qualify as an actual photographer. I hate to shatter your dreams but you’re not a professional photographer just because you can throw a filter on a picture of a tree in the fall.

2. The “I have a better life than you” Instagrammer

This is the person who has to take a picture at literally every party/concert they go to so that they can document that they were actually there. They put up constant pictures of themselves at raves or parties every other day. Which is not that bad really, I could never hate on anyone for partying. But these people usually put my social life to shame so I tend not to follow them.

1. The Holiday Instagrammer

This person is actually my favorite to follow because they rarely put up photos. In fact, the only time they do post photos is for special events like concerts, holidays ect. Even though they usually put up a cheesy caption with their holiday themed photo you can’t help but to throw them a like because they keep your Instagram feed clear of garbage for the most part. Some of these people only put photos up occasionally so they can keep their average number of “likes” high, but I get that. I mean what could possibly be more important?

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