Time To Turn In Some Man Cards: A Truly Alarming Percentage Of Guys Are Regularly Shaving Their Legs

by 1 year ago

I don’t shave my legs, I’ve never shaved my legs (aside from the doctor spot shaving my knee prior to meniscus surgery), and I don’t plan on ever shaving my legs for any aesthetic reason. I’m not in the minority on this, as the VERY SLIGHT majority of men still haven’t shaved their legs, but the numbers are almost split.

The Daily Mail reports that only 51.6% of men would ‘never’ shave their leg hair, while 15.3% of guys ‘frequently’ shave their legs, and an additional 33.1% of men reported having used a trimmer to ‘cut it down’ at some point.

It gets stranger, though…30% of women prefer a man who trims his leg hair, and 22% of women polled even ‘love’ a guy with perfectly shaven legs, not just trimmed.

To recap: 51.% of guys are unwilling to shave or trim their legs and almost one-third of women are looking for a man that trims his leg hair.

This isn’t manscaping of the twig and giggle berries that we’re talking about, it’s legs. I’ll admit that I don’t have the most naturally hairy legs on the planet, and if I did I might feel differently, but I cannot begin to fathom shaving my legs for any reason other than swimming or wrestling in The Olympics, all other reasons seem pointless.

…For more of these crazy statistics you can click on over to The Daily Mail!…

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