The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Dropped An Atomic BOMB Of A Tweet On Some Chick Looking For Weed On Twitter

by 4 years ago

“It started with a tweet.” Those are some famous last words in the age of social media. A single tweet can lead to a social media lynch mob, a trending hashtag, or in this case it can lead to a South Florida Sheriff’s Twitter account going viral when they drop an atomic bomb of a tweet on one woman looking for weed.

Such is the case when yesterday a tweet went out yesterday ‘Rosa Sparkz’ (an extremely reverent name that’s a nod to both weed culture and Rosa Parks, the First Lady of the Civil Rights movement), in that tweet she said she wanted some weed and would pay for it. Here is that tweet, the genesis of this whole story:


As is normal for police to do these days, they found that tweet when scanning social media, and with onefellswoop dropped an atomic tweet on her that has since gone on to do close to 35,000 retweets and has been lauded all across the web as the greatest police tweet of 2015. Here is that tweet:

According to @Rosa_Sparkz‘s Twitter feed these tweets have gone so viral that she’s already given interviews with other websites. Why anyone thinks these two tweets are worthy of an interview is completely beyond me, and know that I look down upon you if you choose to read interviews about a single tweet going viral because everything you need to know is right there in that tweet above. But such is life on the daily content grind.

I’m not sure what to think here, on the one hand it blows my mind that it’s 2015 and people have still yet to realize that anything you put on social media is completely public. So when you’re tweeting about your want/need of weed in a state where weed is illegal, well, you’re essentially sending the police in that area a hand-written note that you’re trying to break the law. Because if you think for one second that police forces aren’t actively monitoring social media for buzz words of illegal activity then you’re sorely mistaken. On the other hand, I’m proud of her for saying that she’s willing to pay for it. Because if that tweet was all ‘somebody bring me weed, I have no money’ then I’d think she’s just a freeloader, and a bad person.

Meanwhile everyone’s getting their LOL’s off from a the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Official Twitter Account, an account that’s already like 4 times the size of my own Twitter following, and is only growing due to the virality of their epic tweet. So hats off to @pbcountysheriff for a tweet well done!

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