Driver Whose Car Was Swept Away By Flooding Waters Was Saved In The Craziest Of Ways

Peru has been getting pounded by rain recently which has led to catastrophic flooding, mudslides, and all sorts of damage. This driver was attempting to pilot his vehicle across a flooded river that was raging with water levels much higher than normal.

As you can see, there’s a road that passes through there and cars and trucks are typically able to pass through there without issue. However, the raging flooded waters picked up his car in an instant and he was literally seconds away from a horrific drowning death. Miraculously, the driver’s car flipped and his windshield instantly shattered and popped out in one piece, giving the driver the opportunity to crawl out of his car and live to breathe another day.

Sure, he lost his car and that sucks. But, he’s alive, and he was literally an instant away from drowning in his own front seat. It’s also incredible to see how that glass is able to smash off the car and stay in one piece. I remember at a tailgate party once for FSU someone had donated an old junker car and people were allowed to take a swing at it with a bad for $1 (all went to charity), and the windshield stayed relatively intact, but nothing like that.

(h/t NYPost)

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