Girl Catches Pervert Taking Upskirt Pics On Subway, Gets Revenge By Forcing Him To Eat SD Card

I know it’s tough being a pervert and having the entire internet at your disposal and being able to punch up yottabytes of any weird, disgusting fetish porn at a moment’s notice. But it’s never enough for creepers. Fucking creepers have to take it to that stomach-churning, repulsive level where they try to film upskirts of women who are minding their own business commuting to work or Bikram yoga or whatever women do. This creeper got taught a lesson on why he shouldn’t be such a disturbing freak.

We take you to Nanjing, in eastern China, where a woman caught a creeper taking upskirt photos of her in the subway last week. The freak attached a video camera to his briefcase and controlled the camera using his phone. However, she flipped the motherfucking script on the turd by turning on her camera and publicly shaming him.

“Delete the pictures, delete them. Look everybody, here is a pervert who takes upskirt pictures of women,” this rightfully pissed off woman said.

Then she forced the creep to eat his memory card full of the illicit pics. I bet this perv could not wait to get home to recollect that SD card. There hasn’t been someone so excited for a huge lump of shit to come out since comic book fanboys were excited to see Fantastic Four.

First off, how does this dude even jerk off to his unscrupulous porn with those fucking Wolverine fingernails? I feel like he would cut himself up with those Nosferatu hands.

Secondly, I applaud this woman for outing this sick fuckstick. But you just helped this freak dispose of the evidence.

Woman : “Officer, this man took upskirt photos of me. Arrest him!”
Officer: “Do you have any proof?”
Woman: “Yeah. There’s pics on his memory caaaa….. Oh fuck.”